History of Starr Parts


Starr Parts & Equipment sits on 35 acres of an abandoned strip mine in the Appalachian region of southeastern Ohio. The mine was closed in the early 90’s and Starr Parts was formed shortly thereafter by several of the workers and people involved in the mining operation.


We decided to invest in Komatsu machines becasue they cost less and had fewer break downs than similar machinery used at the time. The only downside was that used Komatsu parts were hard to locate. Starr Parts has proven to be quite successful due to the owners’ experience working with the machines and knowing first hand what heavy equipment owners and operators experience on a day to day basis.


Our customers appreciate that pool of first hand knowledge as they seek ways to minimize operating costs while keeping their machines running safely and efficiently. Over the years, Starr Parts has grown from strictly offering Komatsu parts to include other popular heavy machinery equipment as well as offering new aftermarket parts.